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Hi! I’m Avistew, a French-American UI/UX Designer and translator who loves knitting and gaming*

*(usually not at the same time)

My UX/UI portfolio

Barnes&Noble nook Profile page before and after

Barnes & Noble nook App:
UI Redesign

Nov 08-10, 2022 - Solo UI project


Sitron Roleplaying App:
Creation of an MVP

- 3-person UX/UI project

3CBear Mood Tracker mockup

Mood Tracker and Social Network:
Creation of an MVP

Nov 14-21, 2022 - Paired UX/UI project


Partio E-commerce Website:
UI Redesign

- 3-person UI project

My other Works


Board Game Boxes


Comic Translations


Knitting Patterns

Thanks! I'll get back to you as soon as possible.

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